Andrew, Mario, and the Big “But”

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was recently quoted in the Wall St. Journal calling himself “an observant Catholic.”

Observant of what?

He is divorced, has a live-in girlfriend and does not love his neighbors as he loves himself.

He pronounced from his seat of power: “If that’s who they are (pro-life) they have no room in the State of New York.”

In other words: “You observant Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews and Muslims … all who believe in the sanctity of human life … get ye to the catacombs.

Andrew has a Nero problem. He thinks the right to live in his Empire State comes from him, and the right to defend life doesn’t exist because he says it doesn’t.

If Andrew ever read the U.S. Constitution, he’d know better. If he ever read the Bible, he’d apologize. If he ever read what the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Magisterium teach maybe he would be an observant Catholic.

Stranger than his comment is the fact that he made it in the context of a meeting he had with N.Y’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The meeting Cuomo said “heartened him.”

If he meant what he said about pro-lifers, he should have called in the National Guard and had the Cardinal evicted from New York.

Extremists like Andrew Cuomo are a joke, and you need a heart of stone not to laugh at his pomposity. But there are others who have done real damage to Church credibility, the rights of the unborn and the pro-life movement.

Their joke is a real killer.

Think Mario Cuomo, Andrew’s father, who in September 1984 in a speech at Notre Dame University rationalized that there is a difference between public morality and private morality. While he was personally opposed to abortion, as a public official, he could condone it and Catholics would be justified in voting for him as well as other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights.

Think also of Archbishop Joseph Bernardin* of Chicago who equated the killing of unborn children with sub-standard housing and other social issues. He called his equation “the seamless garment.”

Mental gymnastics such as they invented are a pestilence that plagues the church to this day. They have spawned a stream of Catholic quislings such as Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and Kathleen Sibelius, to name a few, who have gone so far as to insist on tax funding for the slaughter of the innocent.

The quislings say they are “personally opposed to abortion but…” But what?

But let the babies die.

*Archbishop Bernardin was made Cardinal posthumously.

Betty LaRosa, Trustee
Life Education Council