The Face of Evil


While there is only one FACE OF EVIL, it has worn many, many masks throughout the ages. For example, the past one hundred years of our nation’s history saw the faces of evil in our two world wars, the Korean and Viet-Nam wars as well as the Gulf and mid-eastern conflicts. And now we are witnessing the savagery and barbarism of ISIS. (Someone very wise once said war is the punishment of sins.)

Domestically, the Supreme Court rulings of banning prayer in schools, legalizing abortion on demand and establishing same-sex marriages are some of the faces of evil which are set out to destroy the concept of traditional families, undermining the very fabric of our society.

The seven recent undercover Planned Parenthood videos explicitly demonstrate the moral depravity and callousness of the mind set prevalent in the abortion industry. Couple this with our current President being on record of favoring that any aborted babies inadvertently being born alive should be ignored and left to die. This was his position before running for the highest office in our land and yet he won two elections.

It would seem that in a world without God anything is permissible, but the human heart is restless without a Deity. There are many ways to know that God exists. One of the ways to know that God is real is to see the mounting force of evil prevalent in our culture. If evil is real and seemingly thickening virtually each moment, then a Good God too must be real. The FACE OF EVIL is gathering his forces and the storm clouds will begin to rage.

However, our Good God is in His Heaven and all will be right in the world after the defeat of the FACE OF EVIL. Pray that this happens soon.