Some historians deal with the rise, decline and fall of ancient civilizations.  For example, they give accounts of the Egyptian dynasties, the Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires along with the Golden Age of China.  All of these great civilizations have a commonality in that they emerged and began to dominate their surrounding neighbors or nations, reached a pinnacle of success, then began to decline and finally fall into chaos.

Our nation emerged, dominated our neighbors, reached a pinnacle of success after World War II and within a couple of decades thereafter began to decline.  Our decline accelerated at an alarming rate during the past twelve to sixteen years.  During this period our military, economy and our spiritual values have deteriorated, spurred on by moral relativism, crass materialism, and social unrest.

Now we are undergoing through a crucial election cycle to choose a new president.  One of the candidates has many questionable ethical issues swirling around her while the other is a showman, entertainer, business man with a “potty mouth.”

These are the only two viable choices that we have before us.  One candidate favors abortion during the entire nine months of pregnancy, believes, promotes, exhorts same sex marriages, and is on record in favor of restricting religious freedoms.  She also indicates her intent to appoint future Supreme Court Justices who will defend her aforementioned position in these matters, while the other candidate is against (most) abortions, in favor of traditional marriage defined as being between a man and a woman, and is on record of defending religious freedoms.  He is also on record with his intent to appoint future Supreme Court Justices who will defend his position on these matters.

There are other ancillary issues of some importance such as border control, immigration, taxes, deficits, trade, inner city turmoil, terrorism, education reform, and alike, but none of these are intrinsic evils such as those outlined above.  So now given where we are in our history how do we choose the new leader of our nation? 

(I recall that during the Byzantine Empire which was actually the continuation of the Roman Empire in the east, it underwent a series of severe declines, but overcame these threats to its survival by having competent leaders emerge who were capable of taking corrective action, thus averting a catastrophe).

So our survival is conditional on a leader who will right the ship of state.  In my mind a candidate who respects human life, born and unborn is probably the right choice, therefore I will VOTE 4 LIFE.